This Is Not Your Father’s Chiropractic


1. Understand the impact of contemporary neurocentric research on chiropractic care and
patient outcomes.

2. Implement Remote Patient Management RPM strategies to enhance patient engagement and care efficiency.

3. Incorporate Functional Medicine principles and lifestyle programs to prevent diseases and improve
overall patient wellness.

Description: Dr. Riekeman will delve into three pivotal factors shaping the future of chiropractic: Distributed
Education, Neuro-Centricity, and Remote Patient Management RPM. By integrating contemporary
neurocentric research, exploring lifestyle disease management, and embracing RPM technologies, chiropractors
can significantly enhance patient outcomes and engagement. This presentation will empower practitioners with
innovative strategies to adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape, improving the quality of care and
operational efficiency. Attendees will learn how to leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive,
patient-centered wellness care.