Top 10 Reasons You Are Fatigued and What To Do About It

This 2 hour presentation will cover the relationship of infection (viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal), chronic disease, stress and the changes that occur within the HPA access. We will explore the connection of different types of stress: physical as well as emotional that will decrease one’s resistance to infection. The role of neurotransmitters affecting immune cells will affect the HPA axis. In addition, cortisol imbalances and inflammation can be connected with chronic infection. Research around chronic infection and the HPA axis will be presented. Treatment protocols to tackle even difficult cases of these types of conditions will be shared. Case studies on patients seen in practice will demonstrate the success in treating individuals with chronic HPA disfunction both with infection or at risk for infection.


✴ Understand the relationship of infection and stress

✴ Understand the Connection of cortisol and Inflammation

✴ Know how to utilize treatment protocols with current patient dealing with stress related infection

CLICK HERE for Dr. Howards Powerpoint Fatigue presentation