Understanding The Mindful Body and Avoiding Medical Errors


1. Understand the concept of mindfulness and its relevance to healthcare practices,
particularly in the context of avoiding medical errors.

2. Analyze the research findings of Dr. Ellen Langer on mind/body unity and its implications for patient-
centered care.

3. Develop practical strategies to incorporate mindfulness into clinical practice, enhancing patient safety,
communication, and decision-making processes.

Description: In this two-hour lecture, Dr. Ellen Langer, a pioneering researcher in the field of psychology and
the “mother of mindfulness” will share her groundbreaking insights on mind/body unity and its implications for
avoiding medical errors and improving health outcomes. Drawing from her extensive research, Dr. Langer will
challenge traditional assumptions and provide a fresh perspective on how mindfulness can enhance patient-
centered care and reduce the risk of medical errors. Through an engaging and interactive format, participants
will explore the concept of mindfulness without meditation and its practical applications in healthcare settings.
Dr. Langer’s research has demonstrated the profound impact of mindfulness on various aspects of human
behavior, including healing chronic illnesses, increasing longevity, and enhancing overall well-being. By
understanding mindfulness, healthcare professionals will gain valuable tools to improve their practice and
enhance patient health, and reduce their own burnout. Dr. Langer’s lecture will address the top 10 most
common disciplinary items chiropractors face nationwide, providing a direct link between her research and the
practical challenges faced by practitioners. Participants will learn strategies to cultivate a mindful presence,
actively listen to patients, and make more informed decisions. The lecture will also explore the role of
mindfulness in fostering effective communication, empathy, and patient-centered care, all of which are crucial
in avoiding medical errors.