A Whole Food Approach to Detoxification: The Single Most Important Program for ALL Patients

Detoxification is a word that gets thrown around a lot in health circles by every health coach and self appointed health guru.  And because of that there are hundreds of ways people are being told to do it!  Which brings in a few more voices saying we don’t need it because it’s something our body is doing every day!

The truth is that even though this is a process we go through without thinking (or we would die), I’d wager that our bodies are more overwhelmed with toxins than we realize.  It is because of this that we need a good metabolic detoxification program to help our bodies be more balanced and healthier.  It is also critical that it’s done correctly and with the right support.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn where we are affected by toxins and the different ways they can enter our body
  • Learn what does a toxic overload look like in an individual and what systems show the most stress
  • Learn how to work with patients through a detoxification process for greater health out comes
  • Learn key whole food and botanical support for a metabolic detoxification