Cory Frogley DC

Cory was born the 10th child of Ron and Lee Frogley. His father was the Executive Vice President to David Palmer at the time Cory joined the family. Being raised at the footsteps of Palmer College, Cory got to enjoy all the benefits of a naturally healthy childhood. Cory had 5 of his 6 brothers become Chiropractors and with that influence knew at an early age that he would also like to follow his father’s footsteps. After graduating with honors from Palmer on the very same day his father retired at the age of 76, Cory began his career as his father finished his. There was a feeling of “passing the torch” on that day to serve our profession.

Now Dr. Frogley, Cory joined one of his brother’s practices to develop his skills where he quickly learned how much he loved both the patient and the business side of running a practice. Cory started his own practice in 2003 while furthering his education in business administration. After several years of building a consulting firm focused on practice administration Cory fell in love with the data generated by the doctor/team/patient experience. Seeing that Chiropractic, as a profession, was lacking “big data”, Cory decided to co-found a practice data analytics company named BlueIQ. Cory’s focus was on helping Chiropractors learn to grow their patient impact by making better healthcare and business decisions focused on data. BlueIQ now services over 1000 doctors and growing fast. Cory’s greatest desire is to bring greater research data from the real world of chiropractic, from the doctors themselves.