With Over 37 years of experience as a Certified Sports and Rehab Specialist, Dr. Dan Reyes was born and raised in Southern California in 1960 and graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in March of 1987. He is a Certified Sports and Rehab Physician for many different sports teams and is well versed in all types of Sports Injuries and with his Trainer Skills and able to evaluate and treat many injuries with his expertise. His experience allows him to be classified as a Continuing Education Provider (Broker) to both the Chiropractic and Massage Therapy fields throughout the US and Canada.

He is the innovator of the 123REHAB Active Model Management System, and the “I Will Be Strong” movement. His strength is his conviction in his philosophy in invigorating the “Innate”. It is his responsibility to cater treatment to each patient individually to decrease or halt the “dis-ease” process. “Using our hands are our most prized abilities.”

As an Expert in Wellness, Work and Auto Injuries, Speed Strength and Agility training and the Natural Degenerative Process he is well sought after for his management skills and ability to treat these injuries with all “5 Factors of Healing”. Which includes Passive Therapies, Flexibility and PNF, Manipulation, Soft Tissue Manipulation, and Active Model: Rehab, Testing, Fitness, Functional Restoration and RTW techniques and Nutrition. He is well-versed in dealing with his surrounding Affiliates in the Medical and Legal forums and has been a Continuing Education Provider for 34 years.

He practices a Diversified Technique targeting the Cause-and-Effect Relationship to help Invigorate the Innate and correct the dreaded “Subluxation Complex”, and the Natural Degenerative Process (NDP), and strengthening the spine to decrease or eliminate the pain processes.