Ellen J. Langer

Dr. Ellen Langer, often referred to as the “mother of mindfulness,” has been a leading figure in the field of social psychology for over four decades. Her extensive body of work includes over 200 research articles and 13 books that delve into topics such as the illusion of control, aging, stress, decision-making, and health, all examined through the lens of mindfulness without meditation.

Langer’s pioneering research highlights the pervasive nature of mindlessness in everyday actions and its costly implications, while demonstrating that mindfulness can lead to significant improvements in health, well-being, and relationships. She has applied her theories in diverse contexts, from nursing homes and schools to businesses, offering practical insights and interventions.

In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Langer is also a gallery-exhibiting artist, showcasing her commitment to creativity and mindful living.

Dr. Ellen Langer’s work continues to influence and inspire, providing a framework for understanding the profound impact of mindfulness on various aspects of life and health.