Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson is the author of nine books, including multiple Wall Street Journal bestsellers, with Killing Sacred Cows hitting number 1 and making the New York Times Best Sellers list.

His book What Would the Rockefellers Do? has been consistently among the top 5 titles in Amazon’s Wealth Management category since its publication.

He is a speaker who uses entertainment to educate and is also a stand-up comedian.  

Garrett’s comedy special, the American Ream, produced by Emmy-winner Marty Callner, breaks down all the myths about money through an original stand-up show he performs for corporate events.

Garrett enjoys time at his cabin, especially one-on-one immersions with clients where he teaches them how to create their richest life.

You can follow his blog (like it’s 2006) at


Garrett started seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Craig Buhler at the age of 22, and continues a regime of regular adjusting.  

After speaking at Chiropractic Leadership Association in 2008 and being a regular at Total Solutions for several years, the Chiropractic profession gave him the solutions that have led to health for his family, namely his son, with miraculous results.  

Garrett toured for years speaking at Chiropractic colleges, Ultimate Achievers Club, Epoch, and many practice management events for almost a decade.   He even created a course for Life University to support students with financial literacy.  

Garrett has a love and passion for this profession and considers himself a financial advocate for those that advance the health of the public.