Howard Wolinsky

Howard Wolinsky is a Chicago author who covered the trial of Wilk et al. v. AMA et al. from gavel to gavel and also covered the following 14 years of appeals until the case ended with a victory for the chiropractors. He is the author of the book, Contain and Eliminate: The American Medical Association’s Conspiracy to Destroy Chiropractic, (Sportelli 2021).
Initially, he covered the trial for the AMA newspaper and was nearly fired for reporting the truth. He went on to cover the case for the Chicago Sun-Times.
He has been nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize for his exposes of financial and ethical scandals at the AMA. The Texas Chiropractic Association recently honored him with its Chiropractic Advocacy Award. The American Chiropractic Association in 1987 honored Wolinsky’s coverage of the Wilk case with its Health Journalism Award.