James Demetrious DC, DABCO

Dr. James Demetrious is a nationally distinguished chiropractic orthopedist for his tireless work on behalf of the chiropractic profession. He is a clinician, educator, author, and editor. He has been lauded internationally for his groundbreaking hypothesis that fluoroquinolone medications are causally related to cervical artery dissections. Dr. Demetrious is a proud member of the NCMIC Speakers’ Bureau and teaches post-graduate coursework throughout the United States. His coursework is approved by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists and the International Academy of Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine. He has founded and teaches advanced post-graduate coursework through his website PostGradDC.com. Demetrious has published many peer-reviewed journal papers related to advanced differential diagnosis, imaging, and clinical risk management. He serves as an editorial reviewer on behalf of the journals: Spine, Annals of Internal Medicine, and Clinical Anatomy. Dr. Demetrious has continually cared for patients since 1986.
Before I send over a two-hour video class, I need to better understand how you are going to use it. My recorded coursework is offered through our website PostGradDC.com. I need to protect that intellectual property as all of my courses are products that are offered by my company.