Joe Clark MS, PH.D., A.T.C

Dr. Joseph Clark is currently chief science officer for Inneuratctive, a producer and supplier of neurovision and cognitive performance training, best known for their Dynavision trainer. He is a Professor of Neurology for the Carrick Institute, a former Professor of Neurology at the University of Cincinnati, and a Certified Athletic Trainer. He has 30 years of experience concerning metabolic and neuro-related disorders as well as over 150 peer-reviewed publications. He has maintained posts at University of Cincinnati, Michigan State, University of Paris, Oxford University, and the Carrick Institute. He is a renowned national speaker and expert in the field of acquired brain injury. He specializes in stroke and traumatic brain injury, as a physician extender, clinically conducting neurocognitive evaluations. Dr. Clark is also the independent neuro consultant for sports medicine and leads in managing the concussion program for the University of Cincinnati athletics. His programming is a cornerstone of the University of Cincinnati athletics and their substantial results in concussion prevention, recovery, and performance enhancement. He also holds a 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Shotokan Karate.