Lori Allen BS, MBA

Hi, I’m Lori Allen

As founder and president of Profitable Practice Strategies, over the last 30 plus years I have had the pleasure of consulting for an upwards of 300 practices, making a significant contribution to their financial health and patient outcome.

I ensure long-term sustainable growth and overall profitability for my clients through training, stressing efficiency, effectiveness and profitability through proven systems.   I host over 100 virtual trainings, individualized sessions, seminars, and boot camps a year, as well as three advanced administrative workshops specializing in effective management and marketing excellence.  In order to deliver personalized and consistent education, I have develop a number of specific training modules: The Efficient, Effective, and Profitable Front Desk; Patient Care Coordinator and Exceptional Customer Service; and Business Development.

I cater to a broad spectrum of educational needs and goals through On-site consults, Virtual consults, Boot Camps, Seminars, Videos, and Virtual Online Modules.

I am honored and excited to be back at FCA to exchange ideas and drive chiropractic wellness to the next level and beyond.

Come see me on the floor at Booth T8 even better attend one of my sessions.

Thanks, Lori