Mandy Rich-Curry

Mandy Rich-Curry began her journey in chiropractic in 2015, after a recommendation from her former sister-in-law and current partner in crime, Heather, recommended her for a position at ChiroHealthUSA. For the last five years, they are lovingly referred to as the “Reds.” From the first day she walked through the doors of ChiroHealthUSA, she knew that she had found something special. After 5 months, she was promoted to the marketing team, and a year later had created her current position, Onboarding Specialist, that quickly grew to a team that is essential to the success of the Provider Services Department. She has loved every minute of being a part of something so impactful not only for the doctor’s and their teams, but also the profession. Her southern accent, quick wit, and charm help thousands of providers across the country overcome the fears and frustrations in practice, and get back to what really matters most, their patients.