Nathan Schilaty DC, PhD

Nathan Schilaty, DC, PhD, is the Lincoln Endowed Chair of Chiropractic & Biomechanics Research and an Assistant Professor of 1) Neurosurgery & Brain Repair and 2) Medical Engineering at the University of South Florida. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University January 2007 and practiced for five years in Loveland, CO. During that time, he continuously was asking questions about how the treatments worked on a neuromusculoskeletal level. Consequently, he enrolled in a Neuroscience program and received his PhD degree in 2014. Thereafter, he received postdoctoral research training at the Ohio State University and Mayo Clinic with emphases on sports medicine, biomechanics, and neuromechanics. While at Mayo Clinic, he became an Assistant Professor and his research included NIH-funded and mentored training. He continues his innovative research of human motion and neural control at the University of South Florida with funded research by the NIH, industry sponsors, and foundations. His interests primarily focus on injury prevention and improved rehabilitation of concussion, neck, lower back, and knee-related issues. He is passionate about research and increasing the research footprint of chiropractic worldwide.