Rudy N. Heiser MS, DC, DACBR

Rudy N. Heiser, MS, DC, DACBR, is a chiropractic radiologist, educator and author.  He is an assistant professor of radiology and clinical practice at the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Dr. Heiser graduated salutatorian at NUHS in 2004 and practiced at a multi-disciplinary clinic in North Carolina for several years until entering into the radiology residency and masters program at NUHS in 2007.  He has had extensive post-graduate training with internationally renowned radiologists such as Drs. W. Bogar, S. Pomeranz,  L. Rowe, D. Skogsbergh, D. Stoller, J. Taylor, and T. Yochum.  Dr. Heiser has also completed over 300 hours in chiropractic orthopedic training. He holds licensure for radiologic consultation in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina.