Samantha Prokop Esq.

In her counsel to corporate and health care companies, Samantha Prokop serves as an advisor to clients establishing new businesses, executing mergers and acquisitions and navigating business disputes and break-ups. Sam has served as a risk manager and general counsel for a multi-location hospital system.

Through her -range of experience, Sam aims to help her clients remove barriers to develop practical, workable solutions to their complex problems, addressing immediate issues while developing long-term strategies for growth.

Sam assists clients in developing revenue enhancement strategies that seek to leverage ever-changing laws, regulations and payment models. She also supports clients in evaluating their operations when striving to obtain the best value in the sale of their business or the acquisition of another.

Currently, Sam is the owner of Cooper’s Creek, where she runs a horseback riding program. As a result, she understands, from first-hand experience, the operational side of business and the pressures her clients face running a business.