November 17-19, 2023
Naples, Florida

SW Regional Convention & Expo

Welcomes The Pro Baseball & Hockey Chiropractic Society Symposium

400 In-Person Attendees
60+ Exhibits

Naples Grande Beach Resort
475 Seagate Drive
Naples, FL 34103

3 Days

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30+ hours of CE Choices

In-Person: Accumulate up to 20 hours of CE

Combo: Accumulate up to 16 hours in-person + 4 hours on

Why Attend Regional Events?

Each Regional Event provides an intimate seminar setting yet carries lectures and exhibitors found at The National.

3 Days

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What to Expect

Opportunities to Connect
  • Easy staff retreat locations!
  • Learn the billing, front desk, and inspiring lectures alongside your staff
  • Enjoy beverages, snacks and receptions each day in the expo hall as you explore new products and services
  • Re-connect with colleagues
Expand and Develop Your Chiropractic Skills

Patient needs have changed over the years and these regional events provide a strong connection to your local society. Each event is catered to address current patient issues, local society needs, as well as introduce new chiropractic techniques and concepts to get your patients well – faster.

Professional Networking

We are coming up with more ways to connect and network each event!  Here are a few things happening throughout the weekend:


  • Enjoy beverages and snacks throughout the expo hall each day, as well as complimentary receptions after the last lecture, providing a time to relax and enjoy both local and state supportive chiropractic vendors.
  • Stress-free continuing education. New RFID readers will help to make engaging in one-on-one with colleagues, speakers and your favorite vendors much easier.

PBCS/PHCS Symposium

PBCS/PHCS Annual Workshop

The Professional Baseball and Hockey Chiropractic Societies have teamed up this year to present their annual workshops in a combined workshop, to be held alongside the Florida Chiropractic Association’s Southwest Regional Convention and Expo. For the first time ever, the PCBS/PHCS workshops will be combined, and open to all D.C.s and chiropractic students, as well as the chiropractors that provide care for the teams in MLB and the NHL (see registration form for details).

Learn from professionals who work in professional baseball and hockey. Ask them questions in our very popular Expert Panel Discussion. Meet and visit with the chiropractors that work on these amazing athletes from MLB and the NHL. We also have appearances from some special guests you will love to hear from, who will share their personal experiences with chiropractic.

Who is the Professional Baseball or Hockey Chiropractic Society

The Professional Baseball and Hockey Chiropractic Societies (PBCS & PHCS) are organizations of highly skilled chiropractors that provide care to the players and staff of the MLB and NHL teams and their minor league affiliates. The PHCS’s mission is to provide the highest quality of chiropractic health service to the individual player and staff members of the team they serve. In addition, the PHCS serves its members by providing continuing education for the professional sports chiropractor as it relates to the profession, helping their understanding and knowledge and application of sports medicine and ancillary services.

Our primary goal is to enhance the health and performance of each and every individual athlete and staff member so that they may express their optimal health potential. Another important goal is to serve as a resource to educate those outside the professional hockey chiropractic community about the profession and the chiropractor’s integral role within the sports medicine team.

For many years professional athletes have utilized Chiropractic care to help them get through the rigors and physical demands of the season in a variety of sports. Just about every team in the NHL, MLB, the NBA, and the NFL has chiropractors on staff to provide Chiropractic care to their players each and every game. Chiropractic care has been a vital component in helping many of the biggest stars in professional sports recover faster from injuries, keep themselves healthy by preventing repetitive movement injuries, and enhance their performance throughout their long and tedious seasons. Some of the most successful players have been major supporters of chiropractic and have expressed their personal success stories in many media outlets throughout the years. These testimonials bring about a vital awareness for the public about the benefits of chiropractic care. This was one of the key reasons that these organizations were formed.

The PHCS holds annual workshops with continuing education opportunities for the chiropractors that provide care to the teams of the NHL. Experts from various medical disciplines present valuable techniques and scientific information that is designed to enhance and expand the repertoire of the chiropractor’s skill set.

36 Speakers

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12 Topics

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Clinical Focus

Challenges Facing Chiropractors as Medical Professionals

You are not alone. Our event is designed to highlight many healthcare challenges you are facing, providing the tools and resources to address them. We have gathered some of the brightest and best to outline how to overcome healthcare challenges, and achieve better patient outcomes.

Ensure Better Patient’s Outcomes

Every Chiropractor is striving to get patients well, and do to it fast! Our conferences are designed to reveal the building blocks to a smother and stronger practice, so you can do what you do best: treat patients. From trending patient needs to technique classes, our speakers deliver information in an easy to implement fashion so you and your team are ready Monday morning.

Recharge Your Team

Tax Write Off

Take this opportunity to bring your staff for a tax-write off weekend! It is a wonderful way to create engage your employees, reward your team, and brainstorm better systems for the coming year. 

Staff Engagement at Convention

Whether your staff has CA’s, CCPA’s or both, we have continuing education programs that will unify and elevate your staff as a whole. Allow your team to sit beside you in plenary panel session classes and shop the show visiting favorite products and service vendors in the expo area!

36 Speakers

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12 Topics

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General Session Panels:

Collaborative And Relevant Lectures For Required Credit.
Stress And The Relationship To Medical Errors

Stress is ubiquitous and follows us everywhere. It is a psychological and physical response by your body to anything that is perceived as a threat or a challenge. Stress can be caused by either a negative challenge or a positive challenge. Since there is simply no avoiding it, the task for health professionals has become to further our understanding to improve management in our office, patients and in ourselves.

In this 2-hour session, attendees will learn ways to avoid error and lower stress within your practice. Attendees will also learn how to achieve better outcomes by treating patents experiencing stress as well as the resulting health issues.

Mental Health Tsunami: The Risk Of What Lies Ahead

Have you noticed the increased relationship between mental stress, opioids and addiction in your practice? Dr. Rosa is bringing the issues with the aid of those in your local community to understand these issues and showcase how Chiropractic is more of a solution than people realize. Risks come in all forms, and protecting yourself and your patients is key, as we all encounter the tsunami that is forming around mental health in the next few years.

An Integrative Approach to Concussions, Played on the Field of Life

Many are familiar with concussion diagnosis when sports are involved. But few think of concussions when witnessing falls on the park, in the airport, at the grocery store, or at home. As chiropractors ARE seeing AND TREATING concussed patients, do we know the ethical boundaries in place when witnessing, diagnosing, treating these injuries? Micky Collins published this article in 2016 that looked at concussion approaches from a multidisciplinary perspective in which he referenced his 6 subtypes of concussion: 1.Migraine (+ Autonomic and Sleep), 2. Affective (Mood), 3. Cognitive, 4. Cervical, 5. Oculomotor/Vision, 6. Vestibular Attendees will learn what a concussed individual goes through from the time they get injured until they are diagnosed. As well, all chiropractors will be reminded of how each discipline looks at and has the authority to treat concussion through their scope. 

Business, Rules and Laws; Let Us Protect You

Course discussing various and frequent laws and rules impacting the chiropractic profession in Florida. Attendees will learn about the Florida chiropractic scope of practice, the basics of employment laws impacting the running of a practice, HIPAA laws used on a daily basis, the new Direct Primary Care law in Florida and how it can expand an office practice, and expanding a small office to a multidisciplinary office and the important Florida and Federal laws to be aware of that will keep you out of trouble. 

Event Topics

Led by an international roster of chiropractic experts.




Cold Laser






Florida Law






Medical Errors
Mental Health


Overcoming Denials


Record Keeping
Risk Management


Sports Vision Training


Vagus Nerve Activation

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