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  • Marc Abla



    Marc Abla CAE

    Marc Abla is serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Illinois Chiropractic Society. He has been with the Illinois Chiropractic Society since 2002 and is a Certified Association Executive and graduate of the Certified Leadership Series through the Illinois Society of Association Executives. Additionally, he is a member of the Illinois Society of Association Executives, the American Society of Association Executives, Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, and the American Chiropractic Association. Marc currently serves on the board of directors of the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations as the District 2 director.

  • Lori Allen

    BS, MBA

    Lori Allen BS, MBA

    For over 20 years Lori W. Allen, founder and president of Profitable Practice Strategies, has served as consultant for an upwards of 300 clients, making a significant contribution to the financial health and patient outcome for their practices.  Lori ensures long-term sustainable growth and overall profitability for her clients through training, stressing efficiency, accountability, standardization of processes and protocols, and excellence in customer service.   Lori hosts over 100 training classes, individualized sessions, seminars, and boot camps a year, as well as three advanced administrative workshops specializing in effective management and marketing excellence.  In order to deliver personalized and consistent education, Lori compiled her experience and expertise to develop three series of specific training modules: The Efficient, Effective, and Profitable Front Desk; Patient Care Coordinator and Exceptional Customer Service; and Marketing Excellence.  Through Boot Camps, Seminars, Videos, Virtual Online Modules, Workbooks, and Accountability Exams, Lori caters to a broad spectrum of educational needs and goals.  Her success as a business leader has led to her popularity as a guest speaker.   Lori was an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee and finalist.

  • Coretta Anthony-Smith


    Coretta Anthony-Smith Esq.

    Coretta Anthony-Smith is a native Floridian, born and raised in Naples, Florida.  After graduating from high school, Coretta attended Georgetown University where she earned her B.S. in Marketing.  Thereafter, she worked in the insurance industry learning the ins-and-outs of the insurance industry and the inner workings of insurance companies.  In 1996, Coretta began law school at the University of Florida, Levin College of Law, where she graduated in 1999.  After graduating from law school, Coretta worked for two prominent insurance defense firms representing several major insurance carriers.  In 2004, Coretta stopped representing insurance companies and changed her focus to representing consumers and individuals in claims against insurance companies.

    Coretta is also licensed to practice law in all counties in the State of Florida, as well as the Federal Courts for the Northern, Southern and Middle Districts of Florida.  She also serves on the Florida Bar’s Florida Rules of Civil Procedure Committee and previously served on the Florida Bar’s Small Claims Rules Committee (2010-2017).  Coretta was also a contributing editor on the Tenth and Eleventh Editions of The Florida Bar’s, Florida Automobile Insurance Law, No-Fault Insurance (2018 and 2019).

    Coretta also believes in giving back to the community and works on many charitable events.  She is currently a board member of Saving Our Sons, an organization dedicated to strengthening male leadership in underprivileged areas.  She has also received several awards for her community service and generous sponsorship donations.

  • Matthew Antonucci



    Matthew Antonucci, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABCDD, FABVR, FABNN, FABBIR, FICC studied for his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University, Dr. Antonucci became fascinated with the nervous system, particularly the brain, of humankind. He began taking extra-curricular neurology classes to understand the brain and nervous system better, and became enthralled with the study of neurology. He has a professional Master’s degree in neuroscience; has been awarded a diplomate in the sub-specialty of chiropractic neurology; is a certified fellow in multiple specialties: vestibular disorders, brain injury rehabilitation, nutrition and neurochemistry, childhood developmental disorders, and functional neurology. He has been inducted as a fellow into the exclusive and honorable International College of Chiropractic. Over the years, Dr. Antonucci had the great fortune of having spent thousands of hours as a first-assist in clinical rounds with Professor Frederick R. Carrick, a pioneer in the field of clinical neuroscience and rehabilitation. Throughout that time, he was constantly being guided and empowered to pursue clinical excellence.

    Dr. Antonucci finds particular interest in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), childhood developmental disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, movement disorders, sports and neurological performance enhancement, degenerative conditions, and conducting clinical research.

  • Sabrina Atkins


    Sabrina Atkins DC

    Dr. Sabrina Atkins studied for her Bachelor of Science, Masters of Sports Injury Management, and Doctorate of Chiropractic Care at Life University in Marietta, Georgia. She graduated in 2001 from Life University with honors.

    Dr. Atkins has extensive experience working with athletes and athletic organizations offering years of expertise in the field of sports injury management and performance enhancement.

    She serves as Official chiropractic physician for: Orlando Ballet since 2005 and NBA’s Orlando Magic since 2009

    Her experience and credentials include Coach Tom Shaw’s NFL Training Camp at Disney’s Wide World of Sports (2007-2016)

    Orlando’s Major Indoor Soccer League team; the Orlando Sharks (2007-2008)

    Orlando’s Indoor Professional Lacrosse Team of the NLL; the Orlando Titans (2010)

    Orlando’s first MLS team, Orlando City Soccer (2015, 2016)

    Her involvement in team sports began with the women’s basketball team at Life University, with whom she traveled, during her internship for her Masters of Sports Injury Management.

    Physician of the Year award, four years in a row, and has been honored with the Tender Care award from the Orlando Ballet.

    She was honored locally by the Orlando Business Journal as a recipient of one of the 40 Under 40 awards where business professionals, and entrepreneurs under 40 are recognized for their achievements. Most recently, Dr. Atkins was recognized for her involvement with Professional Sports Teams in the Florida Chiropractic Association Journal issue: WOMEN IN SPORTS

  • May Bagnell

    May Bagnell

    Becoming personally involved with each of her clients, the versatile visual artist, life coach and personal brand leader, May Bagnell has created a powerful niche as a lifestyle portrait and brand photographer. She and her husband, Dr. Michael Bagnell, have 3 adult children they love, 2 granddaughters they adore and together have run and operated Bagnell Chiropractic & Brain Center. They have had a successful practice in Miami, Florida for over 27 years now effectively transforming the health and lives of thousands of patients. They love doing life and business together as well as mentor other doctors in the art of a fulfilling practice.

    May co-authored the best-selling book Common Sense But Uncommon Knowledge with the legendary, Brian Tracy. Her chapter, Framing Possibility, sparked her to create her deeply transformative online course, Framing Possibilities: Developing a Portrait of a Life-Well Lived. She has been trained by the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention, Divine Living’s Gina Devee, Landmark Education and others May curates stories, crafts images and coaches clients toward living a bigger life. She speaks to audiences on the power of personal and professional development and the ripple effect of knowing and finally owning your personal brand.

  • Anish Bajaj


    Anish Bajaj DC

    Dr. Bajaj began his practice in Chiropractic in New York City in 2001 with a focus on wellness and integrative health care strategies. Following graduation from State University of New York at Geneseo, Dr. Bajaj pursued his Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. For 17 years he was the Director of Neuromusculoskeletal and Vascular Diagnostics at the world renowned brain anti-aging center, Path Medical, and he served as its Executive Health Program Director since 2006. Clinically, Dr. Bajaj specializes in the Sacro-Occiptal-Technique, Soft Tissue Orthopedics, Extremity Adjusting, Electro-Therapeutics, Custom Orthotics and Cold Laser Applications. He has recently developed innovative protocols for Regenerative Orthopedics.

    He served as brain research consultant to the Path Foundation and co-founded the American Decompression Pro Chiropractors which introduced the patented Neuro-Oxy Spinal Decompression Technique. His research in the fields of neuroscience, addiction, electrotherapeutics, genetics and cognitive functional correlations to bone metabolism were published in peer-reviewed journals including BMC Endocrine Disorders. He also authored articles on integrative care, extremity adjusting, sports chiropractic, and the advancement of chiropractic neurology. As an anti-aging expert, Dr. Bajaj served as Instructor for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine where he lectured around the U.S., as well as in Paris, Singapore, and Beijing as a guest of the World Congress on Anti-Aging. He served on the Executive Board of the New York Chiropractic Council from 2008 to 2010, as the President of the Manhattan District. He currently serves as their Chair of Neuroscience & Research, developing content for practitioner development amid the Opioid crisis. Dr. Bajaj is currently working on advancement of EEG data utilization in research, clinician support and patient education applications for behavior modification.

  • Kimberly Besuden

    DC, CFMP

    Kimberly Besuden DC, CFMP

    From a champion athlete to a Doctor of Champions, Dr. Kimberly Besuden brings twenty-five years of skilled alternative health care to the training table. She combines her passion for wellness by bringing balance in the way of Chiropractic, fitness and nutrition. Her motto: “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live…..”!

    Dr. Besuden completed her Chiropractic education and training at Life University in Marietta, GA in 1994. The “Clinician of the Year” was awarded to her at graduation. She is also a 1982 graduate of Purdue University. She was trained as an educator and taught in OCPS in the mid 80’s. She continued her passion of wellness by creating a personal training company called “Ultimate Fitness”.

    Now in a successful private practice as a Chiropractic Physician and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, she promotes wellness to her patients with the “Practice what you preach” model. As an author and frequent radio guest and contributor to magazines, newsletters and online journals she has insights, education and specific life and wellness tools to share with audiences of all types. She is a national speaker for corporations and teaches continuing education to doctors.

  • Brandy Brimhall


    Brandy Brimhall CPC, CPCO, CCCPC, CMCO, CPMA

    Brandy has served chiropractic and multi-discipline practices since 1999.
    She has received professional certification from the AAPC as a Certified Professional Coder, a Certified Professional Compliance Officer and a Certified Professional Medical Auditor; from the Practice Management Institute (PMI) as a Certified Medical Compliance Officer; and from the ChiroCode Institute as a ChiroCode Certified Chiropractic Professional Coder.

    She has routinely been featured in a number of publications as well as presents at seminars and webinars across the country.  Brandy provides training and education as well as assists practice with coding/collections/compliance and revenue cycle systems.  She is the owner of the Chiropractic Virtual Assistant for coding/billing/collections/compliance Q/A at C-HelpDesk.

  • Mark Callanen

    PT, DPT, OCS

    Mark Callanen PT, DPT, OCS

    Prior to joining LightForce®, Dr. Callanen treated orthopedic patients in an out-patient setting for 18 years and has been board certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) by the APTA since 2003. Dr. Callanen graduated with his transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2007 from Marymount University in Arlington, VA and earned his Master of Physical Therapy from Shenandoah University in 1999. Serving as LightForce’s Director of Clinical Development since 2017, Dr. Callanen has formally presented to mixed professional audiences both nationally and internationally on the topic of laser therapy.

  • Michael Carberry


    Michael Carberry DC

    Mike Carberry, DC is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. He was born in Pennsylvania but raised in New Jersey with seven other siblings. He attended Stockton University and obtained Bachelor of Applied Science with a major Marketing from 1979 – 1983. After an accident occurred that changed the course of his life, Dr. Carberry decided to pursue chiropractic practice. From 1987-1991, he attended Life University in Atlanta, Georgia to obtain a Doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Carberry is a nationally sought-after speaker on topics ranging from business to health care, economics, and the opioid crisis. He can be found regularly hosting the AMI Today podcast and has delivered Continuing Education on Medical Necessity in Texas, Ohio, Florida, and California as well as on-line in 35 States. In his recently published book, The Death of American Healthcare, he provides a fearless description of how we are part of a pill-based healthcare system that created the opioid crisis and as he mentions it, there is a cure to all this.  As co-founder of Advanced Medical Integration, Dr. Carberry is forwarding a model of responsible pain management by helping businesses dominate local, regional, and national markets. As AMI’s visionary leader, his mission is to help end the Opioid Crisis in the US through healthcare reform.

  • Joey Coleman


    Joey Coleman Speaker

    Joey is a speaker, teacher, and advisor. For almost twenty years, he has helped organizations retain their best customers and turn them into raving fans via his entertaining and actionable keynotes, workshops, and consulting projects. He has a long history of energizing and motivating audiences to enhance their customers’ experiences. He is an award-winning speaker (yes – they do have speaking contests) at both national and international conferences – competing against New York Times bestselling authors, business leaders, and internet sensations/celebrities. He is also the author of the #2 Wall Street Journal bestseller, Never Lose a Customer Again.

  • Ryan Comeau

    DC, BSC, ACC

    Ryan Comeau DC, BSC, ACC

    Dr. Comeau is known as a pioneer in the development and applications of 3D Motion Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in the clinical setting and is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kinetisense Inc. Dr. Comeau is considered an expert in the field of functional analysis and correction and has presented his research and insights internationally.

    As a former college athlete, Dr. Comeau has a passion to build bridges between professional clinics and the world of sports and fitness. This is why you’ll find Kinetisense emerging as the “gold standard” in biomechanics assessment.  Kinetisense is used around the globe for applications such as clinical rehabilitation, sports performance, geriatric risk of fall assessment, Parkinson research, and concussion research.

  • Brad Cost


    Brad Cost CEO

    Brad Cost is a highly knowledgeable and credible source within the healthcare industry. He has an impressive work history proving his success within the industry. Cost’s primary focus is in the development of cutting edge electronic data technology as it relates to the statistical analysis of medical and health data. Prior to his role at Infinedi, Cost was the senior systems engineer at Oklahoma State University, his alma mater. Cost has been given numerous opportunities to speak across the nation. He has a way of relating to audiences and getting points across in a clear, concise manner, while making it interesting at the same time. To further validate his credibility, here are some businesses Cost is the owner of:

    • Infinedi, LLC and has acted as the president/chief executive officer since 1999. Infinedi, LLC is a national claims clearinghouse located in Tulsa, Oklahoma that serves over 17,000 providers in 50 states and processes over 3 million transactions each month. Infinedi’s analytical company provides utilization management tools and analysis for the chiropractic industry and is the primary data partner for the American Chiropractic Association and many other state chiropractic associations.

    • An electronic data interchange consultant firm, which is an advisor to the American Medical Association. Concentrated in the area of physician advocacy, Cost advises the AMA on past, current and future electronic data interchange issues. Cost also services as a consultant and expert witness to a medical class action lawsuit firm in New York City, as well as the Physician’s Advocacy Institute.

    • Cost Investments, LLC, a commercial real estate company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    • Genesis Interact, LLC, an interactive software development company that recently released and its private label,, which was developed in cooperation with Oklahoma State University’s Seretean Wellness Center. Genesis Interact, LLC recently released an interactive legal documentation system and is currently developing a clinical integration tool for the American Medical Association.

    •, an innovative software system designed to predictively monitor and track cattle’s health in the dairy industry. Cost is the primary data partner for the American Chiropractic Association and many state chiropractic associations. He has developed Infinedi Analytics as a pro advocacy resource for healthcare providers. Cost understands the healthcare industry is ever changing. He understands technology and how it is developing every day. Cost wants to be able to inform people how they can stay one step ahead of technology while maintaining efficiency and productivity within their offices at the same time. To do this, Cost updates his presentations so they are always present and about current situations.

  • Mark Cotney


    Mark Cotney DC

    Mark E. Cotney, D.C., is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa.  He has worked his private chiropractic practice located in Thomaston, GA, since 1983.  Dr. Cotney is also very involved in Professional and Community Organizations.  It is his desire for the citizens of his community to desire and understand chiropractic care.

  • Jeffrey Cronk


    Jeffrey Cronk DC

    Dr. Jeffrey A. Cronk, DC is a highly skilled, dedicated, and compassionate doctor with over 30 years of experience assisting patients, doctors, and attorneys to better understand soft tissue injuries of the spine. Dr. Cronk is nationally recognized as a spinal ligament injury expert and has likely provided more education of this subject than any other provider in the country. He has developed two national spinal ligament testing companies and is currently the CEO for the Medical Spinal Ligament Testing Company, Spinal Kinetics, LLC. Dr. Cronk is also the developer and chief designer of CRMA®, the spinal ligament testing system used by Spinal Kinetics’ Board-Certified Medical Radiologists. He is a published spinal ligament injury researcher and developer of Smart Injury Doctors® and Smart Injury Lawyers® the first online spinal ligament injury training programs for doctors and lawyers. He is also the host of the Smart Injury Doctors® podcast. Dr. Cronk is passionate about standardizing the way spinal ligament injuries are assessed and diagnosed so that more effective patient treatment and results can be achieved.

  • William Dillon


    William Dillon JD

    Bill Dillon is Board Certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in the area of Health Care law. He is also certified by the Health Care Compliance Association in the area of corporate compliance (CHC) and the International Association of Privacy Professionals as an Information Privacy Professional for the U.S. Section (CIPP/US). Bill focuses his practice on assisting health care providers and entities to adhere to the complex regulatory requirements of the health care sector. Additionally, he also advises on data privacy and security issues in both the health care and non-health care sectors.

    For nearly two decades, Bill has represented Federally Qualified Health Centers (not for profit and public entity federal grantees) in providing services to Florida’s medically underserved populations. This representation has included assisting these entities in complying with federal and state grant requirements and other programs such as the 340B Drug Discount Program. In addition to his representation of Federally Qualified Health Centers, Bill has represented health care providers and entities in structuring compliant business relationships, as well as in providing counsel regarding business operations.

    In the area of data privacy and security, Bill has been involved in the areas of HIPAA and HITECH. He previously served as an outside consultant to Florida’s Agency of Health Care Administration’s Privacy and Security Project, which was part of the larger Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration, funded by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. During his work on the project, Bill assisted industry stakeholders in analyzing Florida laws relating to the exchange of health care information. In an effort to assist in the elimination of barriers to health information exchange, Bill assisted in the drafting of the Florida Electronic Health Records Exchange Act, which was passed into law in 2009.

    Although Bill represents health care providers and entities in administrative and regulatory matters, his primary focus is on helping providers and entities to steer clear of activities that could be considered non-compliant. He continuously strives to help clients achieve compliant operations so that they can dedicate their time and resources to providing health care

  • Etienne Dubarry


    Etienne Dubarry DC

    Dr. Dubarry graduated from NCC Chicago in 1982, practiced for 10 years in France at a time where you could be jailed for illegal exercise of medicine. He published in 1986 one of the first book on chiropractic in French in a major publishing house. He came back to practice in the States in 1992. He then travelled for 15 years over fifty times to South America and initiated in Chile the creation of the first chiropractic college with a full time Cursus. He published a series of three books (translated in three languages) on spinal manipulation in 2017.  Doctor Dubarry works in close with Keiser University in West Palm Beach, Institute Franco European of Chiropractic in Paris, and Toulouse (IFEC), University Central Santiago Chile. He has been giving seminars for the past 20 years in three languages and is currently practicing in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

  • Alyson Evans


    Alyson Evans DC

    Alyson Evans, DC graduated from the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. While in private chiropractic practice in Denver, much of her practice was focused on the treatment of common running, cycling and cumulative trauma sports related ailments. She had been involved with the athletic industry for 10 years prior to entering private practice. Alyson designed strength, cardiovascular and stretching programs for athletes of all levels. Alyson has lectured nationally for the past decade on lower extremity biomechanics in their relationship to pelvic biomechanics. Alyson has an extensive background in lower extremity biomechanics, rehabilitation, leg length treatment and gait analysis. Her exposure with many challenging biomechanical cases has helped broaden her knowledge about human biomechanics. Alyson continues to provide that support today as the Director of Educational Development for Rock Tape.

    My flat feet have been great teachers. As an athletic teenager I suffered from Achilles tendonitis, multiple ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and sacroiliac pain. I was fascinated with the human body and how it moves from a very young age and pursued my passion graduating from the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) with a Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2001. While in private chiropractic practice in Denver, much of my practice was focused on the treatment of common running, cycling and cumulative trauma sports related ailments. She had been involved with the athletic industry for 10 years prior to entering private practice. Alyson designed strength, cardiovascular and stretching programs for athletes of all levels. Alyson has lectured nationally for the past decade on lower extremity biomechanics in their relationship to pelvic biomechanics. Alyson has an extensive background in lower extremity biomechanics, rehabilitation, leg length treatment and gait analysis. Her exposure with many challenging biomechanical cases has helped broaden her knowledge about human biomechanics. Alyson continues to provide that support today as the Director of Educational Development for Rock Tape.

    My feet aren’t so flat anymore; they are much stronger and have a visual arch to them. Most importantly, they take me where I need to go – pain free.

  • Cory Frogley


    Cory Frogley DC

    Cory was born the 10th child of Ron and Lee Frogley. His father was the Executive Vice President to David Palmer at the time Cory joined the family. Being raised at the footsteps of Palmer College, Cory got to enjoy all the benefits of a naturally healthy childhood. Cory had 5 of his 6 brothers become Chiropractors and with that influence knew at an early age that he would also like to follow his father’s footsteps. After graduating with honors from Palmer on the very same day his father retired at the age of 76, Cory began his career as his father finished his. There was a feeling of “passing the torch” on that day to serve our profession.

    Now Dr. Frogley, Cory joined one of his brother’s practices to develop his skills where he quickly learned how much he loved both the patient and the business side of running a practice. Cory started his own practice in 2003 while furthering his education in business administration. After several years of building a consulting firm focused on practice administration Cory fell in love with the data generated by the doctor/team/patient experience. Seeing that Chiropractic, as a profession, was lacking “big data”, Cory decided to co-found a practice data analytics company named BlueIQ. Cory’s focus was on helping Chiropractors learn to grow their patient impact by making better healthcare and business decisions focused on data. BlueIQ now services over 1000 doctors and growing fast. Cory’s greatest desire is to bring greater research data from the real world of chiropractic, from the doctors themselves.

  • Brie Gindele


    Brie Gindele DC, CACCP

    Dr. Brie Gindele received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, GA. She and her husband have 2 locations in Fort Myers, FL, of which she practices out of the Pregnancy and Pediatric location.  This location solely serves the prenatal and pediatric population of SWFL in a unique and specific environment allowing for her to specialize in areas such as cranial reshaping. Dr. Brie also has been featured in our FCA quarterly magazine for several years now highlighting important aspects of prenatal and pediatric care. Together, she and her husband host a highly attended community wide annual chiropractic awareness event, provide care in sport competitions, host educational seminars and are involved in many other aspects of the community. Dr. Brie has practiced with a focus on pediatrics and pregnancy for several years and in 2016 received her Certification from the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP).

  • Christine Goertz

    DC, PhD

    Christine Goertz DC, PhD

    Christine Goertz received her Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University and her Ph.D. in Health Services Research, Policy and Administration from the University of Minnesota.  Prior to joining Palmer College, she spent four years as an independent scientist and in research administration positions of increasing responsibility at the Samueli Institute. Before that Dr. Goertz was a Program Officer at the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), National Institutes of Health (NIH), managing a $50 million portfolio focused on musculoskeletal disease, pain, and health services research.  Her research interests are primarily focused on CAM treatments for cardiovascular disease and pain syndromes. She currently serves on the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Board of Governors and is Chair of PCORI’s Program Development Committee. She is also Chair of the American Chiropractic Association Performance Measurement Workgroup and an Alternate to the American Medical Association RBRVS Healthcare Professionals Advisory Committee.

  • Kent Greenawalt

    Chairman, CEO

    Kent Greenawalt Chairman, CEO

    Kent S. Greenawalt, the Chairman and CEO of Foot Levelers, has made a significant impact on the chiropractic profession throughout his life. He has helped revolutionize the way chiropractors treat patients by developing and patenting many healthcare products and has long been a dedicated supporter of the profession through his generosity.

    In addition to his leadership at Foot Levelers, Kent is a committed supporter of chiropractic education, as evidenced by the numerous grants, research studies, donations, and scholarships awarded.

    Kent’s numerous awards from various colleges include an Honorary Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College and Lifetime Philanthropy Award from Parker College of Chiropractic.

    Both Kent and his father, Foot Levelers founder Dr. Monte Greenawalt, were named Fellows of the American College of Chiropractic, as well as Fellows in the Palmer Academy of Chiropractic, in recognition of their outstanding service to the chiropractic profession.

    Kent is the recipient of several awards from chiropractic leaders, including the American Chiropractic Association’s Humanitarian of the Year award, the highest honor the organization can award to a non-chiropractor. The ACA also bestowed its President’s Award upon him for the invaluable educational and fundraising work he has done on behalf of the chiropractic profession.

  • Jay Greenstein


    Jay Greenstein DC, CCSP, CGFI-L1, CKTP, FMS

    Dr. Jay is the founder and CEO of Kaizenovate, a technology company that builds custom mobile apps for chiropractic practices helping doctors differentiate and grow their revenue and their brand.  He is also the founder and CEO of the Kaizo Health Companies. The Kaizo Health companies are comprised of:

    • Kaizo Health is a multilocation chiropractic and rehabilitation practice.
    • KaizoX is a sports performance and personal training company.
    • And Kaizo Clinical Research Institute is a 501-c3 non-profit that runs clinical trials to identify best practices. The Institute is part of a large multi-year NIH study evaluating emerging Healthtech interventions for musculoskeletal conditions.

    Dr. Jay is a task force member for the Future of Chiropractic Strategic Plan and is the current Chairman the ChiroTech Consortium Workgroup. His is also the chairman of the Federation of International Chiropractic du Sport’s World Olympians Scholarship Program. He is immediate past Chairman for the Clinical Compass,

    Dr. Greenstein is a sought out international speaker and consultant, teaching evidence into practice, leadership, business management and emerging technologies. Dr. Greenstein sits on multiple advisory boards in healthcare and technology.

  • Matthew Gruskin


    Matthew Gruskin MBA, BOCO, BOCPD, CDME

    BOC Credentialing Director

    Matt Gruskin leads the direction, strategy, policies, and day-to-day operations of the business accreditation and professional certification programs at Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC). With a focus on credentialing program standards and the delivery of excellent customer service, Matt enjoys sharing his experience and expertise with audiences as both a speaker and an author. Prior to joining BOC, he spent 10 years in clinical practice, specializing in orthotics and prosthetics. Matt holds an MBA in healthcare from Florida International University, a post-graduate certificate in O&P from the University of Hartford, and a post-graduate certificate from the International School of Pedorthics.


    BOC is an independent, not-for-profit organization offering highly valued DMEPOS credentials for professionals and businesses. Both the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Veterans Affairs accept BOC credentials as meeting their standards. Learn more at

  • Evan Gwilliam


    Evan Gwilliam DC, MBA, BS, CPC, CCPC, CPC-I, MCS-P, CPMA, CMHP, AAPC Fellow

    Dr. Gwilliam, Clinical Director for PayDC Chiropractic Software, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic as Valedictorian and is a Certified Professional Coding and ICD-10 Instructor, Medical Compliance Specialist, and Certified Professional Medical Auditor.  Because he is also a clinician with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s of Business Administration he is a sought-after seminar speaker.  He provides expert witness testimony, medical record audits, consulting, and education for health care providers and has authored and contributed to reference books and articles for multiple publications.

  • Dee Hartman

    PT, DPT

    Dee Hartman PT, DPT

    Practicing physical therapy for over 40 years, Dee is an internationally recognized author, teacher, and speaker on the treatment of chronic vulvar pain. For over 27 years she devoted the majority of her private practice to the treatment of women with chronic vulvar pain, sexual dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, and bowel and bladder disorders. As an active member of the APTA’s Section on Women’s Health, she was the originating chairman of the Task Force responsible for the creation of the Certificate of Achievement for Pelvic Physical Therapy (CAPP) and served on the Vulvar Pain Task Force. She is a fellow and past member of the
    Executive Counsel of the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (ISSVD) and is a past President and counselor for the North American Chapter of the ISSVD; a current member and past board member of the International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS); a current member and past board member of the National Vulvodynia Association (NVA); and is a member of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH). In 2017, she and Elizabeth Wood, MSW, CSSE, BC, co-founded VulvaLove and the Center for Genital Health and Education. Their focus is normalizing vulvar diversity and reframing the conversation around desire, arousal, pain, and pleasure. In July 2021, she and Elizabeth published, “The Pleasure Prescription: A Surprising Approach to Healing Sexual Pain”. Dee is happily married to the love of her life, is the mother of 5 wonderful, grown children, and Gramma to 8 glorious grandchildren.

  • Rudy N. Heiser


    Rudy N. Heiser MS, DC, DACBR

    Rudy N. Heiser, MS, DC, DACBR, is a chiropractic radiologist, educator and author.  He is an assistant professor of radiology and clinical practice at the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Dr. Heiser graduated salutatorian at NUHS in 2004 and practiced at a multi-disciplinary clinic in North Carolina for several years until entering into the radiology residency and masters program at NUHS in 2007.  He has had extensive post-graduate training with internationally renowned radiologists such as Drs. W. Bogar, S. Pomeranz,  L. Rowe, D. Skogsbergh, D. Stoller, J. Taylor, and T. Yochum.  Dr. Heiser has also completed over 300 hours in chiropractic orthopedic training. He holds licensure for radiologic consultation in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina.

  • J. Murray Hockings


    J. Murray Hockings DC

    Dr. J. Murray Hockings has been a wellness expert for 29 years and is known as the “World’s #1 Diabetes Reversal Doctor.” He is the Founder/CEO of Help Your Diabetes® in Dallas, Texas, with 3 locations around the U.S. and a world-class Digital Platform & App. The Help Your Diabetes® program is the only Patented Type 2 Diabetes Reversal program in the world. Dr. Hockings has seen over 30,000 patients in his career and is an internationally recognized expert in natural health.

    Dr. Hockings helps people with Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease conditions. Dr. Hockings is the Author of the books “Imagine Living Without Type 2 Diabetes” “Imagine Living Without Heart Disease” and “Send Your Doctor Packing”. He has given over 300 presentations on Type 2 Diabetes Reversal the past 7 years in 6 different countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Dubai)

    He is a member of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Dr. Hockings has been married to his gorgeous wife, Traci, for 28 years and they have a beautiful 25-year-old daughter, Tiffani. He enjoys golfing, skiing, tennis, hiking, working out, martial arts, theater, and traveling with his family.

  • Kristi Hudson


    Kristi Hudson CPCO

    Kristi Hudson, serves as the Director of Special Projects for ChiroHealthUSA and Administrator for the ChiroHealthUSA Foxworth Family Scholarship.

    Since 2010, she has helped educate chiropractors and their staffs on compliance issues related to faulty financial policies. She has been a guest lecturer for events hosted by Breakthrough Coaching, KMC University, Physician’s Business Solutions, and the Student ACA. She enjoys working with state associations, COCSA, the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, and the Clinical Compass to provide educational awareness on changes within the profession.

    Since 2012, she has facilitated and managed one of the largest-running weekly webinar series within the profession by bringing top speakers and consultants to address the most important issues in chiropractic. Kristi has worked closely with state and national organizations to help facilitate the philanthropic efforts of ChiroHealthUSA. To date, donations to the profession have reached almost 1 million dollars.

    Kristi believes in living life to the fullest and takes every opportunity to try something new. She enjoys kayaking with her family, running, and taking taekwondo with her son. She is a life-long resident of Brandon, Mississippi, and finds that her greatest joy is being a wife and a mother.

  • Kristen Klos-Maki

    Kristen Klos-Maki

    Dr. Kristen Klos-Maki holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, MN, and is certified in Nutrition and the Webster Technique. 

    Before joining Biocidin Botanicals™ as a Clinical Consultant in 2019, she was in private practice in Duluth, MN, specializing in maternal health and pediatrics. In addition to traditional chiropractic treatments, she offered lifestyle and nutrition counseling.

    In her current role as Biocidin’s Assistant Director of Research, she closely follows current developments in the treatment of illness and creates research protocols that substantiate the benefits of natural treatments in health care. 

  • Todd Narson


    Todd Narson DC, DACBSP

    Dr. Todd M. Narson graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1990 and is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (DACBSP®).  One of only 300 chiropractic sports medicine specialists in the country; 1 of 16 in Florida and the only recognized diplomate practicing in Miami-Dade County, FL. In June-2014 Dr. Narson completed a sports medicine rotation at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. During his time there, he worked with staff athletic trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists and other physicians treating Olympic athletes from all sports.

    Dr. Narson was a member of the sports medicine team at the 2016 U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Rowing Trials, Sarasota, FL. During August through October 2014, Dr. Narson traveled with Jamaica’s National Women’s Senior Soccer team as they played tournaments in Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean Women’s Football Cup), their Orlando training camp and the 2014 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifier in Washington, DC.  In 2011he was granted an International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma (ICSSD) by the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (F.I.C.S.) and is the only chiropractor in South Florida with such international credential. Dr. Narson was a member of the COPAG international sports medicine team at the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, October 2011. During his tenure at the Pan American Games, he worked with teams from all over the Western hemisphere including Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peru & Mexico.

    In addition to the 2011 Pan American Games, Dr. Narson has worked with athletes at the 2009 USA Powerlifting; Women’s Nationals, Miami, FL; 2008 Nike Football’s Miami Sports Kickoff Classic, The World Olympian’s Association’s 2008 Star World Sailing Championship at the Olympic Sailing Center in Coconut Grove, FL; the 2007 CONCAF Gold Cup International Pro-Soccer Tournament in Miami, FL;  as well as the USA Judo Federation’s 2013, Judo Cadet World Championships, the 2012 IJF Grand Masters World Judo Championships in Miami, FL; the 2006 USA Judo Open Judo Championships & 2006 USA Judo Federation’s Junior U.S. Open, Championships.  Dr. Narson was also a credentialed treating physician in the Poly-Clinics at the 20th Central American & All Caribbean Sport Games (XX Juegos Deportivos CentroAmricanos Y Del Caribe), Cartegena, Colombia.

    Dr. Narson is inventor and developer of the Narson Body Mechanic N6, the first ever soft tissue “multi-tool” used for Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilizations techniques such as Graston Technique®, FAKTR and others. In March 2013, Dr. Narson’s Narson Body Mechanic N6 was awarded a United States design patent (US D678,539S). He has been an M1 & M2 certified Graston Technique® provider for the past 15 years and is trained in FAKTR advanced soft tissue mobilization & rehabilitation concepts.

    Dr. Narson has lived in South Florida for over 40 years.  He is past president of the Dade-County Chiropractic Society and a 2-term past president of the Florida Chiropractic Association’s Council on Sports Injuries, Physical Fitness & Rehabilitation and has been on their governing board for 8+ years.  He was honored as the recipient of the coveted Chiropractic Sports Physician of the Year award in 1999-2000.

    Along with Dr. Allen Miller, Dr. Narson has co-authored the paper: Protocols for Proprioceptive Active Re-Training Boards (balance boards). Published in Chiropractic Sports Medicine Magazine; the Journal of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians, Vol 9, No. 2, May 1995 pp 52-55.

    Having chiropractors associated with hospitals was unheard of here in Florida until 1994 when a small group of chiropractors were credentialed here in South Florida. As some of the first chiropractors in the country to have such privileges, Dr. Narson was part of the original group accepted into the Chiropractic Division at Golden Glades Regional Medical Center.

    Coining the term: “Natural Sports Medicine” Dr. Narson has been educating personal trainers at local gyms and health clubs for several years in including well known clubs such as Club Body Tech, Crunch & David Barton’s Gym in South Beach.  He was medical director for the: 1998 Pan American Race Walk Cup held in Downtown Miami & Medical Director for the 1999 USA Track & Field-Florida Regional Junior Olympics. He also served as Medical team member and treating physician for the 1999 Pan American Tae Kwon Do Regional Qualification Tournament for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and was Meet Director/treating physician for the Sydney 2000 Para-Olympic Qualifier/USA Open-Power lifting held in North Miami.

    In 1994 Dr. Narson was asked to join the professional boxing team of Don King’s light weight contender: Lamar “COSHISE” Murphy and was named “Team Physician”. Providing the fighter with performance enhancement training techniques, nutrition and chiropractic care, Dr. Narson worked with the boxing trainers and traveled with team COCHISE Murphy around the country during his 1995 quest for the WBC lightweight title. Coors Lite, Gatorade, Jose’ Cuervo and Jiffy Lube were a few of the sponsors of large sporting events such as beach volleyball, triathlons and professional NASCAR racing that have credentialed Dr. Narson as an on-site treating physician.  Dr. Narson has also been included on the sports medicine teams at the Miami Grand Prix, the Florida Sunshine State Games as well as other national and international sports competitions.

    Dr. Narson has had the privilege of being invited to treat the cast and crews of the Broadway Shows: Les Miserables, The Rockettes, & Damn Yankees. To date, Dr. Narson has spent over 1000 hours working “on field” with athletes at various sporting events from local regional athletes, to world class Olympians, Paralympians & professionals.

    Sports medicine is on the cutting edge of healthcare, Dr. Narson uses his experience and education with athletes and sports injuries to treat all patients, not just athletes.  Dr. Narson feels everyone deserves the knowledge of a sports medicine physician, because everyone, in their own way is an athlete as some level.

    Dr. Narson practices in Miami Beach with his partner and wife, Dr. Corey Narson.  Drs. Narson has lived in Miami Beach since 1993 where they also raise their 2 children.

    In April 2015 Dr. Narson became a level-1 certified USA Triathlon coach.


    Documenting Care for Patient Athletes: Who, Where and When
    Regional Event: sw
    Start Date: 20/11/2022 8:00 am
    End Date: 20/11/2022 9:40 am
    Location: Royal Ballroom VI-VIII
    Session details

    Course Description 

    Every chiropractor is treating athletes from pee-wee to high school to the professionals, and many high school teams are taking a play from “The Pro’s” and beginning to include chiropractors as part of the on-site medical staff. As the popularity of the team chiropractor grows, we all need to be prepared to handle both the treatment and the documentation appropriately. When you are with an athlete on the field, at practice or in the training room, efficiency is key. This course will be held in an interview fashion with Chiropractors from Pro Baseball teams & Pro Hockey teams. These interviews will outline the differences of documentation when treating athletes in your office vs. in the training room, when to refer to other professionals on the sports medicine team, as well as how you get paid and when/where to send the bills. The Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act of 2018 allows an athlete or a team to travel and treat in other states, but how you document the coordination of care during travel might depend on the type of team or athlete you are traveling with. Whether you are considering being a chiropractor for a local or professional team, knowing the details of this class will aid your communication with the community that you treat! 

    Learning Objectives 

    • Identify when to treat/document/record your patient-athlete encounter as well as what CPT codes are appropriate 

    • Recognize when to document the coordination of care when referring to other professionals 

    • Differentiate the treatment protocols between athletes in the office vs. training room 


    Dr. Winchester’s power points: DNS & THE ROTATIONAL ATHLETE

  • Bill Storm

    Corporate Trainer

    Bill Storm Corporate Trainer

    Bill Storm is a Corporate Trainer, National Speaker and Peak Performance Strategist for the Tony Robbins companies.

    Bill will quickly become your company’s favorite keynote speaker with his ability to educate, motivate and inspire your team to greatness!

    Fun facts about Bill:

    1. Has been training in the martial arts for nearly 40 years- Holds the rank of black belt in Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    2. Is an expert in creative real estate finance
    3. Ran two marathons
    4. Got a hole in one playing golf for his high school team
    5. Eagle Scout
    6. Loves to cook
    7. Author: Slaying the 7 Dragons-The Entrepreneurial Guide to Conquering The Online World Of Business
    8. Married to the same beautiful lady for the past 27 years
    9. Has two grown children Samantha and Billy
    10. He and his Golden Retriever Charlie are attached at the hip
  • Howard Wolinsky

    Howard Wolinsky

    Howard Wolinsky is a Chicago author who covered the trial of Wilk et al. v. AMA et al. from gavel to gavel and also covered the following 14 years of appeals until the case ended with a victory for the chiropractors. He is the author of the book, Contain and Eliminate: The American Medical Association’s Conspiracy to Destroy Chiropractic, (Sportelli 2021).
    Initially, he covered the trial for the AMA newspaper and was nearly fired for reporting the truth. He went on to cover the case for the Chicago Sun-Times.
    He has been nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize for his exposes of financial and ethical scandals at the AMA. The Texas Chiropractic Association recently honored him with its Chiropractic Advocacy Award. The American Chiropractic Association in 1987 honored Wolinsky’s coverage of the Wilk case with its Health Journalism Award.