Business, Rules and Laws: Let Us Protect You

Chiropractors will be briefed on recent legislative changes and potential impacts. Disciplinary pitfalls are highlighted, along with strategies to steer clear of them. DOH licensing updates are provided, addressing vital concerns for chiropractic practice. The discussion extends to understanding myths surrounding independent contractors and the various tests determining their classification. Additionally, compliance guidelines for incorporating allopathic medicine into chiropractic practices and navigating health care clinic licensure are elucidated. Finally, strategies for ensuring compliance with laws governing business structuring, ancillary services, and contractual agreements are outlined to prevent compliance-related setbacks. This is a lecture that you will not want to miss!

Learning Objectives

  • Identify recent legislative changes impacting chiropractic practice in Florida, distinguishing between laws that have passed, those that have not, and potential implications for chiropractors in the upcoming legislative session.
  • Analyze the key factors and tests involved in determining the classification of workers as independent contractors, including the Economic Realities Test, IRS Control Test, ABC Test, and Common Law 20-Factor Test, to mitigate risks of misclassification.
  • Evaluate compliance requirements for incorporating allopathic medicine into chiropractic practices, including adhering to Medicare laws, commercial insurance policies, and Florida-specific regulations regarding health care clinic licensure and supervision of APRNs and PAs.