Integrating Metabolic Assessment in Chiropractic Practice for Optimal Health Outcomes

In this 2-hour lecture, Dr. Geanopulos will explain Metabolic Health in a chiropractic context.  And why we can no longer ignore the metabolic derangement we are seeing in practice every day.  Do you believe the poor metabolic health of your patients is interfering with your care or the results your patients experience  in your office?    We need to understand metabolic health in the chiropractic context and recognize the opportunity that we have at our finger tips.  We are a nation in metabolic decline and the medical profession has decided to treat the diseases caused by poor metabolic health rather than do the work of reversing it or better yet, preventing it.  If not us who? If not now, when?

Learning Objectives

  • What tools do chiropractors have avaialble to them to detect and correct metabolic subluxations.
  • How does one incorporate products and serivces in their busy practices.
  • See more patients, get better results and be properly compensated.

Sponsor: Evexia

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Metabolic Subluxation: We can no longer ignore the metabolic health of our patients.
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