Multidisciplinary Practice Done Right

This two hour session is designed to create an awareness and understanding of the intricacies of a multidisciplinary practice where coordination of care among varied health care disciplines participating in the healthcare of patients to produce efficient and effective outcomes. Implementation of effective systems ensuring compliant application of therapeutic services with keen attention to that which is medically necessary as well as clinically appropriate. Attendees will gain an understanding of guidelines for establishing medical necessity for care, documentation and billing considerations, as well as how to handle insurance and cash in today’s complex world of reimbursement.

Learning Objectives

  • Review of the basic operations of a multidisciplinary practice in contrast to that of a traditional chiropractic practice
  • Discussion of the types of healthcare providers to include in a multidisciplinary practice and how best to recruit them
  • Discussion on the types of services that can be provided in a multidisciplinary practice and how to ensure legal and compliant billing, documentation, and coding for such services